Squarespace integration

Last updated: July 03, 2022

Go to your squarespace website admin interface, and choose the page on which you want to insert your 360player.

Then go into the "Edit" mode.

Once in "Edit" mode, scroll down to the exact point you want to insert your 360player, and click on the insert arrow as indicated below.

It will open a popup with various type of insertion blocks, you need to choose the "code" block as shown below.

This code block allow you to embed our 360player almost anywhere on your website. Now you need to copy-paste the integration code available on your dashboard.

Let's go retrieve such integration code. First, log into your 360player account, and click on the player you want to embed.

It will open the detail page of this particular player, and you need to scroll down to the "Integration code" block. Then, select and copy this code into your clipboard.

Once it's copied into your clipboard, go back to the "code" block we have opened on your squarespace website edition page, and paste the integration code as shown.

Click on "Apply", and check that the player is loading on the page. Note that you won't be able to scroll into the 360player while you are editing the page.

Save the changes, and you will be able to enjoy your 360player freshly integrated on your squarespace website.