Creating or finding 360 photos

Last updated: July 03, 2022

Before using 360player, you need beautiful 360° images. You can create them or find them on the web.

1/ If you want to create your own 360 photos

  • 360 camera devices (start from 140$) - Some are better for videos and others for stills photography like Ricoh Theta or Samsung Gear. Here is an interesting comparative evaluation.
  • Photo agencies and freelances - If you are located in France, we can provide high quality shootings (please contact us for more information). Otherwise, you can find great professionals all over the world. Our only concern is about virtual tours. They are usually expensive with low user experience. Most of the time, arrows and blurry motions don't seem necessary.
  • Mobile Apps - FOV (for iOS - we have developed this one!) or Google Street View let you take 360 photos with your smartphone. The pictures are stored in your camera roll in the good jpeg format so you can use it with 360player.

2/ If you want to find existing 360 photos

  • Paying image libraries - Getty Images, Fotolia or Shutterstock offer more and more 360 content.
  • Free image libraries - the best free stocks we know are on Flickr and Photopin. They have beautiful pictures that you can download for commercial use!

Once you have your 360 photos jpegs, you can start with us to display them on the web! :)

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