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What happened in June?

New Yooork ♪

A part of the team took a bite in the Big Apple last week! We have been selected for the very first “Pitch in the plane” in front of investors, 35,000 feet above the Atlantic, and landed to attend La French Touch Conference 2016. These five days were a great networking opportunity. Our next target will be San Francisco, randomly.

Downloads ↗

Since Facebook has allowed users to share 360 photos, more and more people look for specific apps to create 360 photos! This new habit has a significant impact on the Photonomie downloads, which becomes a leader on this topic on the App Store. The app was downloaded 30k times in 86 countries during the last week. It’s 10x more than the previous week. And it’s less than the current week!

Android, we’re coming

Now that our iOS version is stable and efficient, the development of the Android version can be accelerated. We have already laid the fundations in building the photo stitching algorithm with a universal language. It should help us to achieve this version quickly.

A few links we’d like to share with you


More and more enterprises use Photonomie to show their business space in 360-degree on Facebook. The last update allows to share “as a page”.

360 lovers

If sometimes you are craving for sharing your best immersive creations, this group is made for you!

Shake, shake

We love the Naive New Beaters video clip which uses in a wonderful way the possibilites of...wait for it… 360! (you guessed it, right?)