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What happened in July?

Featured on the App Store ♥

Photonomie has been featured on the App Store in the “New apps we love” category in France, Australia, United Kingdom and 25 other countries! This featuring has an immediate impact: more than 10k downloads a day.

Summer high definition

The last version of the app (4.6) lets you take photos in high definition! A real quality jump. We have brought the image quality to 8K for making your summer sunsets more and more wow.

San Franciscoffee

The team is going to San Francisco in August (5-26)! If you are there or if you think about people it could be interesting to meet, please let us know. We would be happy to share a smoothie.

A few links we'd like to share with you


Make blind people able to live in autonomy, this is the ambition of the PANDA project, Our crush!


Are you ready to pick dogs poop in the street for money? Here is a nice fake which emphasizes the limits of “uberisation”.


Before the Olympics begin, ride a moped and discover Rio's streets in 360.