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What happened in August?


The last weeks have been very exciting :) Photonomie has been installed on more and more phones all around the globe, reaching 600.000 total downloads! It's more than Snapchat at the same age (8 months on the App Store).

Oh share it, share it

The iOS10 is coming soon with the new “app extensions”, which have given us the opportunity to develop an amazing feature: for the first time, you will be able to send and watch immersive pictures directly in your Messages app! It is a breakthrough for 360 sharing. And before the iOS10 is officially available, you can share your pictures via Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger through universal links.

Just for U-X

Our designer has some surprises for you in the next version of the app. Colors and interface have been reworked. You will discover beautiful pictures with a single tap in the Explore screen!

A few links we'd like to share with you 


Instagram's CEO doesn't deny that he has been inspired by Snapchat for the new Insta Stories.

K 2000

Uber tries to get rid of drivers asap. Their self-driving cars are already there!


This is how this man has created the biggest app success of all time…