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What happened in October?


You may have wondered what is the mysterious three letters app which has appeared on your iPhone screen recently. It's us :) With 800k users in 163 countries, we have decided to rethink our identity and change our name (watch this video to find out more). We are FOV now!


The app has a new capture mode, easier and automatic! When you start a picture, yellow dots are displayed on the screen and you just need to aim at them to complete the image.


FOV users spend a lot of time in the Explore screen of the app, discovering immersive pictures (average 2 minutes, it's 2x more than the time usually spent on other apps). Explore will take a greater place in the future, with more and more extraordinary locations all around the globe. Our first “FOV makers” are currently taking pictures in the middle of the South african savannah!

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