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What happened in January?

New funding round

We are thrilled to announce our new funding round with News Invest and one of our first investors! This is the beginning of a close collaboration to create a new immersive photo standard.


Last year, many companies asked us how to display 360 photos on their websites. So we decided to use FOV visualization technology to develop a unique web tool: 360player. This player allows to display immersive pics on a website with the best UX. It has been tested and approved by websites like Remix Co-working, the greatest co-workers community in Paris. If you want the same player on your website, please send us an email and consider it done! :)

Photo lovers

Here is a small overview of what 360player can do for this startup that we love, Notoryou! Let's jump to a unique photo exhibition where artists are people like us.

A few links we'd like to share with you 

Periscope 360

The adoption of 360 content has passed a new milestone with Twitter launching 360-degree video streaming on Periscope

A teenager without an iPhone

Stunning interview of a 13-year-old girl explaining (in french) why it's so hard to survive highschool without an iPhone

Ping pong idol

Now we know why ping pong tables and startups are related. This man never gives up.