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What happened in February?

During the past month, we launched the website for 360player, we started a recruiting process and wrote our first blog posts!

Website story

Last month, we told you about our ambition to make displaying 360 photos on the web super easy. And guess what, the beta version is now up and running on :)

Join the crew! is moving fast forward and the time has come to expand the crew :) We are looking for a B2B business developer to take on this new challenge! Do you know somebody who knows somebody who…?

Let’s blog

If you are curious about 360 technologies, discover our Immersive Blog (you are already here) ! The two first articles will help you understand better the battle between 360 photo and 360 video

A few links we’d like to share with you

Panda powa

We are so happy for our talented buddies at Panda who just won the Techinnov challenge!


Financial analysts seem suspicious about Snap(chat)’s IPO

La Starteup

Here is a flashback to a legendary french movie scene about the first startups of the “Silicon Sentier”