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How we make 360-degree cameras useful

While 360-degree cameras are now more accessible than ever, their output file is still a problem. Users need a good viewer to enjoy and embed 360° pictures. does just that.

In order to have the full-on immersive experience with 360° pictures, you need a viewer and you need a way to share them or embed them correctly. Our platform does all that.

The most powerful 360° viewer

We have created to help everyone upload, display and share 360 pictures on the web in the best possible way. Most of our users are professionals in various industries: real estate agents, car and boat dealers, travel agencies, architects, and more.

360player is inspired by our mobile iOs app FOV (500k users): over the past 18 months, we received a huge amount of feedbacks asking for a web version of the app that would allow users to view and share 360 photos everywhere.

The user experience is fluid:

  1. you signup and upload your pictures
  2. you get immediately URL links for sharing + embed codes for your website.


  • Lightweight embed code (75KB minimized and gzipped) that can be cached forever so users can load the pictures faster than ever
  • Compatible with 99% of browsers and devices, even with mobile browsers not supporting WebGL. (Magic, right?)
  • Our image pipeline converts the 360 picture into the most efficient projection type and creates multiple optimized versions of it.


Two subscription plans are available: basic ($9) or premium ($99) including high definition display and advanced features like WebVR.

About us

360player® is a licensed product of SIXIEME ETAGE, a French startup creating computer vision softwares.

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