360player compared with open source libraries

Last updated: July 03, 2022

There are great open source projects available to display 360 photos. If you feel adventurous, here are some examples:

However, they remain tool boxes and not services. We have created 360player to enable all companies to use immersive pictures whatever the tech resources they have. And a toolbox isn't enough for this, that’s why provide the infrastructure to support immersive pictures from end to end:

  • an incredibly light player (75KB gzipped), compatible with 95% of browsers and devices
  • a core unit to serve device specific images (mobile will get smaller images for optimization)
  • another processor to generate a pixel perfect preview of the first frame
  • technical support
  • (soon) a drop and upload interface
  • (soon) a processing unit to prepare and optimize the image for the player

We believe that the hardest part is not to build a player, but to build it strong, compatible with all browsers, always up to date, compatible with all mobile devices. It costs a lot in terms of technical and human ressources.

Open source libraries are rich but they are also rough and time consuming, that's why we are convinced that 360player is the best possible solution for most companies.