Upload requirements and recommendations

Last updated: April 16, 2023

To upload a 360 picture compatible with 360player, the image needs the following requirements:

  • be an equirectangular (ratio width:height = 2:1) - Examples there
  • encoded in JPEG or PNG
  • file size must not exceed 10MB

In addition to the technical requirements, we can also give some recommendations for maximizing the quality output in the player. We recommend using these settings:

  • 4096x2048 pixels images ensure HD standard, if you can do more please upload 8192x4096 images.
  • JPEG encoding will ensure you can upload a high resolution image that respects the 30MB file size limitation.
  • Use the Adobe RGB color profile during your image export, if possible.

If you have troubles uploading your pictures, please contact us via chat or email.