Immersive images combining: Residential Area , Pattern , Line , Grass , Area and Angle

Architetto Scelzo Progetto di villa con piscina Architetto Francesco Scelzo rendering 3d animazioni realtà virtuale ed aumentata, fotointesimenti, analisi impatto visivo ed ambientale
A bench sitting in front of a building A bench sitting in front of a building. A group of people sitting on a bench in a park. A row of benches sitting next to each other. A large pool with a pool table and chairs
First 360 pix with FOV this is fun, must practice, though, to get dexterous with the app.
Shepherd's Garden at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church A bathroom with a toilet and a window. A white and black fire hydrant sitting on the side of a road. A large white vase sitting on top of a wooden table. A bench sitting in the middle of a park

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