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Emmerich A view of a city street with cars and trucks. A herd of sheep grazing on a lush green hillside. A group of sheep grazing in a field. A train traveling over a bridge over a river
MS Finnlady - FINN LINES 360 view from the elevators on Level 9 of the MS Finnlady
Alcon Germany Alcon Germany
Fortress Marienberg - Wurzburg, Germany This magnificant Franken castle fort stands proudly on a cool summer's morning by the river Main
Grabow summer 2020 Mavic Air 2 360 aerial photo by Team Adcor
Stolpe an der Peene, Germany 360 aerial of one of Vorpommern's best kept secrets. Team Adcor copyright 2020 - Raphael Cornwell
Teufelsberg Berlin 360 bird's eye view of the iconic Teufelsberg dilapitated radar center from the cold war era, now a retreat for artists, dancers and musicians
Bad Munster Cathedral in Bad Doberan 360 aerial photo of the town of Bad Doberan in Mecklenburg - Germany. In the forefront you can see the beautiful Bad Munster cathedral. Photo was taken in August in the morning. If you like this…
View of Stralsund from Rugen Island (Altefahr) 360 aerial photo from Rugen looking towards Stralsund. Summer day 2020 Altefahr is a small seaside town on the touristic island of Rugen which is located on the Baltic Sea near the border of Poland…
Castle in lower Saxony on a warm summer's day While I was on my way home to Hamburg on the A7 highway, my navigation system told me to take an alternative route due to roadworks. This beautiful castle and majestic setting was the surprise I had…
Along the Main river A small town just outside of Wurzburg, Bavaria in southern Germany. This view was taken with my Mavic Air 2 on a stormy summer's eve.
Strand - Plau am See A late summer view overlooking Plau-am-See in Germany
Wittenberg, Germany Wittenberg is a university town along the River Elbe in eastern Germany, with close ties to Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation. This view is one of the best from the inner city.
Team Adcor - solar panel inspections with drones today the renewable energies are big business. Team Adcor collaborates with Sitemark N.V. to provide solar panel inspections in Europe
Olympe - Observation Tower 360 view of the observation tower looking over the local forest in Lower Saxony in autumn 2020
Observation Tower - wide angle Beautiful fall colours surrounding the observation tower in the Wingst, in Lower Saxony Germany
Halle, Frauenkirche 360 Grad Luftnahmen in Halle
CORONA SHOPPING 2020 QUICKBORN, Germany Shopping during Covid-19 times Photo ©Teamadcor/2020
A group of people riding skis down a snow covered slope A snow covered ski slope with lots of trees. A group of people riding skis down a snow covered slope. A group of people riding skis down a snow covered slope. A train traveling over a bridge over a r…
Kaltenkirchen Winter 2021 360 Grad Luftaufnahmen in Kaltenkirchen, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland. Foto - Team ADCOR Drohne: Mavic Air 2 Copyright teamadcor

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