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Experiencing 360 Immersive VR at the Educational Technology Day Fairfield University March 15, 2018 A collaboration day for CT educators. Exploring and adding 360 Immersive VR experiences to their educational technology toolkits at Fairfield University. Ellie discusses the future learning experie…
040024 Galileo A view of a street from the top of a building. A black and white photo of a boat in the water. A man riding a skateboard up the side of a ramp. An aerial view of a snowy mountain range
040025 Wanderlust A vase filled with flowers on top of a table. A group of people on a boat in the water. A picture of a vase with flowers in it. A white toilet sitting next to a bath tub
040012 MiLE A bathroom with a toilet, sink, mirror and bathtub. A bathroom with a mirror and a sink. A bathroom with two sinks and a large mirror. A bathroom with a sink, mirror, and toilet

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