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Beautiful Germany On the border of Bavaria and Thuringia there are many beautiful villages hidden in the rolling hills. Luftaufnahmen copyright Teamadcor @2021.
Krautsand Januar 2022 - Teamadcor 360Grad Luftbild - Krautsand, Niedersachsen Deutschland Teamadcor©2022
Olymp Aussichtsturm - Wingst, Cuxland . . . Herbst 2021 Olymp Aussichtsturm November 2021 Wingst, Niedersachsen Luftaufnahmen: Team Adcor©2021
treetops and fields January 2021 the day after the first snowfall of the year.
winter view of a small lake winter drone photography team adcor copyright2021 teamadcor
Sonnenuntergang im Wingst - Cuxland 360grad Panorama - 5. November 2021 Wingster Wald Niedersachsen Deutschland Luftbild: Team Adcor
Kaltenkirchen Winter 2021 360 Grad Luftaufnahmen in Kaltenkirchen, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland. Foto - Team ADCOR Drohne: Mavic Air 2 Copyright teamadcor
CORONA SHOPPING 2020 QUICKBORN, Germany Shopping during Covid-19 times Photo ©Teamadcor/2020
Wittenberg, Germany Wittenberg is a university town along the River Elbe in eastern Germany, with close ties to Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation. This view is one of the best from the inner city.
Bad Munster Cathedral in Bad Doberan 360 aerial photo of the town of Bad Doberan in Mecklenburg - Germany. In the forefront you can see the beautiful Bad Munster cathedral. Photo was taken in August in the morning. If you like this…