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00558ch_piscina A park bench in the middle of a park. A pool of water with a bench in front of it. A patio area with a table and chairs. A view of a river with a bridge in the background
Amenities 6 A large pool of water with a bridge in the background. A large body of water with boats in it. A bus parked on the side of a road. A pool of water and a bench in the middle of a park
WL Prime - Lazer na Cobertura Lazer completo na cobertura, com piscina de borda infinita, churrasqueira, salão gourmet, salão de jogos, adega, cervejeira e muito mais.
Piscina Climatizada A room with a wooden floor and a window. A bathroom that has a tub and a toilet in it. A room with a table, chairs and a table. A blue umbrella sitting on top of a wooden deck
Architetto Francesco Scelzo rendering di villa con piscina L'Architetto Francesco Scelzo illustra rendering di progetto di villa con piscina, progettata con tecnologia bim

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