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Oberndorf von Oben - Herbst 2021 Oberndorf von Oben - Herbst 2021 a quaint small town along the Oste river in Lower Saxony Photo: Team Adcor
Wingst von Oben - Herbst 2021 Aussichtsturm im Herbst Wingst, Niedersachen Luftbild: Team Adcor©2021
river veins along the coast of the river Elbe, the low tide leaves its marks. Photo taken November 29th 2021 copyright Teamadcor@2021
A herd of sheep grazing on a lush green hillside Winterflug . . . Krautsand 28. Januar 2022 Teamadcor©2022 MavicAir2
Krautsand Januar 2022 - Teamadcor 360Grad Luftbild - Krautsand, Niedersachsen Deutschland Teamadcor©2022
115 The Strand by NEU Collective 115 The Strand Hotel is located in Sliema along the bay facing the historical city of Valetta, in the beautiful cultural island of Malta
Swiss Alps one the beautiful stops along the way from France to Germany when you drive through the Swiss Alps!
Autumn view of Berlin from the Havel 360 degree aerial view of Berlin from the west high above the Havel river. Beautiful fall day in Germany! aerial photography
Ggantija Temple Gozo Visit Malta and enjoy the rich history of this amazing country. Ggantija Temple Gozo Unesco World Heritage Site in Gozo 360 drone photo taken by Team Adcor with the permission of the site director…
Olymp - Wingst, Niedersachsen Beautiful fall colours surrounding the observation tower in the Wingst, in Lower Saxony Germany
Sonnenuntergang über der Oste in Oberndorf Oberndorf - Herbst 2021 (Cuxland) Luftaufnahmen: Team Adcor©2021
Olymp Aussichtsturm - Wingst, Cuxland . . . Herbst 2021 Olymp Aussichtsturm November 2021 Wingst, Niedersachsen Luftaufnahmen: Team Adcor©2021
Teufelsberg Berlin 360 bird's eye view of the iconic Teufelsberg dilapitated radar center from the cold war era, now a retreat for artists, dancers and musicians
Malta by sea 360 drone photo in Malta by Teamadcor
360 View of Gozo hillsides Mavic Air2 360 aerial photography in Gozo 2020 photos by Team Adcor
Sonnenuntergang im Wingst - Cuxland 360grad Panorama - 5. November 2021 Wingster Wald Niedersachsen Deutschland Luftbild: Team Adcor
Aussichtsturm im Wingst - Herbst 2021 Aussichtsturm im Wingst - Herbst 2021 Luftbild: Team Adcor©2021
Herbstsonnenuntergang im Wingst Ein 360-Grad-Blick von oben auf den Spielplatz im Wald. November 2021 Luftbild: Team Adcor©2021
Krautsand Januar 2022 - Teamadcor 360Grad Luftbild von Krautsand an der Elbe. Luftaufnahmen: Teamadcor©2022
Along the Main river A small town just outside of Wurzburg, Bavaria in southern Germany. This view was taken with my Mavic Air 2 on a stormy summer's eve.
St Paul's Bay, Malta and the Octopus Garden Diving Center A beautiful bay on the northeastern side of Malta. Home to the Octopus Garden Diving centre. This 360 aerial photo shows the centre situated under the St Gillieru Hotel along the waterfront of the …
Halle, Frauenkirche 360 Grad Luftnahmen in Halle
Kaltenkirchen Winter 2021 360 Grad Luftaufnahmen in Kaltenkirchen, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland. Foto - Team ADCOR Drohne: Mavic Air 2 Copyright teamadcor