040030 Hygge_IRiS Sensory Room Published on Sep 18, 2017

–the professionals IRiS sensory room

Loved by professionals worldwide, Hygge, is truly unique.
Hygge features a range of IRiS multisensory equipment that allows
anyone regardless of age or ability to control each and every piece of equipment through a range of specially designed wireless switches and each and every person gets a personalised reward so they are more willing to work.
Easy to use and completely open ended, products we build now will still be controllable from products we make in 2050!

Cause and Effect, Colour Recognition, Communication Skills, Concentration, Development of Choice, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Hand/Eye Coordination, Interaction & Relaxation, Number Recognition, Shape Recognition, Storytelling, Social Interaction, Switching Skills, Theming, Turn-Taking.