Silent Sonorities at QSS Gallery - Room 2 Published on Jul 04, 2018

Room 2 of the Silent Sonorities exhibition at QSS Gallery, Belfast as part of Sonorities Festival 2018.

This room featured 'SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness' by katrinem.

'SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness' is a guided listening walk that begins at QSS and explores the surrounding listening spaces of Belfast.

'SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness' explores an individual‘s personal experience of space through walking, particularly the interplay between sound event (footstep) and surrounding architecture. The path itself is the destination. The moderate speed of pedestrian locomotion. The regularity of the step-by-step progress. The readiness to open up our auditory perceptive space.

Curated by John D'Arcy for Sonorities Festival
Image by John D'Arcy


Once every 2 years, artists from more than 40 countries across the world gather in Belfast for a week of musical adventure. For over 30 years Sonorities Festival Belfast has lead the way for musicians, composers, sound artists to make and present work for curious listeners.

During Sonorities, locations across Belfast including the most advanced music venue Ireland – The Sonic Lab – play host to all things weird and wonderful. The 2018 edition included concerts, club nights, installations, visuals, workshops and more.