Skyros Island Published on Oct 07, 2021

Skyros, Modern Greek Skíros, island, is the largest and easternmost of the northern Sporades in the Aegean Sea, eastern Greece. The island constitutes a municipality in the region of Central Greece. On the island’s western coast is found the main harbor, Linariá, while in the north is Skíros, the capital, on the site of the ancient capital. The southern part of the island culminates in Mount Kokhílas (2,602 feet [790 metres]). Traditionally, the island was a sanctuary of the legendary hero Achilles, and there Theseus, king of Athens, was treacherously killed. In 475 BCE it was seized by Athens; when the Romans took it in 196 BCE, it was under Macedonian rule. Present-day Skyros is a resort.