Beach Access - John D. MacArthur State Park, North Palm Beach, FL - BOARDWALK 4 Published on Jul 30, 2018

Like all state parks, you pay a modest vehicle fee to enter. But it’s worth the cost. And as entrances go, this is grand. Past the parking lot, you encounter a fine, weathered sculpture of John D. himself, as well as a small, but interesting, nature center and gift shop. But the fun begins with a nearly mile-long boardwalk that crosses shallow Lake Worth Cove. Always something interesting to see here — from kayakers and student tours to teeming schools of fish and seabirds. Beyond the cove, a long, winding boardwalk takes you to an endless ribbon of beach, which seems miles away from civilization. Bonus: a beautiful grassy dune, the closest you’ll get to a seaside cliff in South Florida.