Mars Rover Published on Sep 12, 2019

The curious "3 boys", Brandon, Taro and Isamu, have found the Curiosity Mars Rover and upgraded it with a new power source. They have done this with all of the Mars Rovers, Pioneer and Voyager space probes among others.

When the Curiosity wakes up and spots them, it will report back to NASA that it has discovered human life on Mars. This will likely get the boys in trouble as the base's existence is highly classified. 🤣

I had already written the boy's actions in the comic before the last broadcast of the Opportunity. The robots consider reactivating the rovers as bringing one of their own back to life. The other robots make sure that they are maintained, set out to continue their original missions and all of their data is recorded with reference.

Concept art from my comic - ProtoGenesis®.