Brandon Punches Taro - 01 Published on Sep 12, 2019

Version 1 - Brandon punching Taro

Hello everyone, this is concept art from my comic

Concept art from my comic - ProtoGenesis®.

I have created several 360 images with the three boys, Isamu, Taro and Brandon. While they all three behave like brothers, that was not always the case. The images below are the pre-360 version of what I will be posting soon.

Brandon is Lucian and Liana's son, Isamu and Taro are twins of Ben and Anika.

Ben, shortly after his 18th birthday, was abducted and nearly killed. Those responsible used Brandon's parents as patsies, Taro (Ben's father) hunts down Brandon's parents and anyone else involved in hurting Ben.

Brandon was told from an early age that Taro was a monster. So when Brandon was captured, handcuffed and questioned by Taro, Brandon activated his powers for the first time, broke out of the handcuffs and attacked Taro out of fear. Brandon punched Taro so hard he broke his own arm, Taro went for an unexpected flight and Brandon ran off.

Ben and Anika arrive right after, catch up to Brandon, calm him down and Ben heals him.