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How to view and embed 360 photos?
Once you've taken 360 pictures, there's this moment when you wonder: how can I view them? And how do I share them or post them on my site? Here's how to do it step by step with 360player.

1. Upload your 360 photo

Sign in or sign up to in 10 seconds. It's completely free (no time limit). Once you have arrived on your dashboard, click on the main upload button and pick an equirectangular image from your computer. Your image is uploaded in a few seconds.

Reminder: equirectangular's ratio is width:height = 2:1. It looks like this. Format can be jpg or png. File size is limited to 15MB and image resolution is limited to 40MPix if you have not subscribed to a paid plan.


2. View and edit your photo

Once the image is uploaded, click on its thumbnail to view it and edit it:

Adjust the starting frame to decide which part of your 360 photo will appear first. Use the two slides "latitude" and "longitude".

Name your picture, choose some tags and write a description. Everything will be saved automatically.


3. Copy/paste the embed code

Scroll a little more to get the sharing link and the embed code of your 360 image player. You can copy/paste this code directly into your website's editing tool.

And that's it! :)