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How we make 360-degree cameras useful
While 360-degree cameras are now more accessible than ever, their output file is still a problem. Users need a good viewer to enjoy and embed 360° pictures. does just that.

In order to have the full-on immersive experience with 360° pictures, you need a viewer and you need a way to share them or embed them correctly. Our platform does all that.

The most powerful 360° viewer

We have created to help everyone upload, display and share 360 pictures on the web in the best possible way. Most of our users are professionals in various industries: real estate agents, car and boat dealers, travel agencies, architects, and more.

360player is inspired by our former mobile iOS app "FOV", which total more than 500,000 downloads during the first year after its release. We received a huge amount of feedback asking for a web version of the app that would allow users to view and share 360 photos everywhere.

Throughout the years, we were able to build the best 360 player out there with features like:

  • Compression Service, which compresses your images in multiple formats with no visual quality loss.
  • Slicing Service, which slices your spherical image into the 6 faces of a cube. This makes your player loads 6 times faster because each slice is 6 times smaller than the original image and we are loading them in parallel.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN), which stores cached versions of your images so the your players loads image closest from your end users.
  • Hotspots and Virtual Tours, to create interactive links between multiple 360 images and make them one virtual tour for example.
  • Auto description AI model, leveraging a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence model that creates captions from images.


  • Lightweight embed code (75KB minimized and gzipped) that can be cached forever so users can load the pictures faster than ever
  • Compatible with 99% of browsers and devices, even with mobile browsers not supporting WebGL. (Magic, right?)
  • Our image pipeline converts the 360 picture into the most efficient projection type and creates multiple optimized versions of it.


We offer three subscription plans:

  • Basic ($12)
  • Premium ($35)
  • Enterprise ($149)

Check the different features available in each of them.

About us

360player® is a licensed product of SIXIEME ETAGE, a French startup creating computer vision softwares.

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