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When should 360° images be used on the web?
Photos and 360-degree renderings are a boon for many sectors. Here is a list of the new uses of this format for professionals.


In 2014, when we started developing the FOV app (first real-time 360-degree photo capture app), we asked ourselves what the 360-degree photo needs were. The 360 went through all the states: we first read that it was going to revolutionize the photography sector, then we didn't see it anymore. At least, not on social networks.

So, what's the use of 360° today? 

It is necessary to differentiate between private individuals, who have difficulty in adopting it because of the constraints that 360 poses to capturing and viewing, from professionals, who are very inventive and ready to make every effort to enhance their business in an immersive way.

Although the panoramic format has existed for many years (in 1914, the Verdun battlefield was already immortalized in this way), the professional use of immersive photography is new. It was not until 2016, when the 360 cameras became financially accessible with models sold from 200€, that professionals began to turn en masse to this new format, which offers many possibilities in unexpected sectors, such as the sale of boats...

Today, more than 5.5 million 360player. io photos have been displayed with 360player. io on websites around the world, allowing us to discover uses we never imagined when creating this site. As is often the case, new technologies are shaped by the users themselves. So we tried to make a short list.

List of new uses for 360 images:

- car interiors: many car dealers, most often in the United States, are taking over the 360 format, which for the first time makes it possible to faithfully reproduce the interior of a vehicle. Indeed, to make a classic photo, you need a minimum of distance, which has always been impossible in the car. But now, a 360° camera in the center of the cockpit captures a perfect image that allows the customer to "visit" it online. For car dealerships, the 360° photo is not a gadget, it's a real revolution.

- boats: such as car dealers, ferry companies and boat dealers have cabins that are often too small to be photographed in a traditional way. The 360 photo is therefore a bargain to put online photos of their products.

- aerial images: the use of UAVs explodes for real estate tracking, fire fighting, film tracking, etc. In all of these cases, 360 is a great way to see the place and its context.

- architecture: when you think 360, you think video or photo, but you don't think enough about 3D renderings. Many architects, interior designers and engineers produce 360-degree renderings and we are pleased that 360player allows them to share them with their colleagues and customers.

- video games: like architects, game designers need to produce and display 360-degree preparatory renderings. So this format makes sense.

- stores: more and more shops, particularly in North America, are offering a 360-degree view of the entrance and possibly the shelves on their websites. For some entertainment sectors (such as escape games) or those that need to show off (like the new marijuana resale shops in states that have recently allowed it), this is a good way to play transparency.

- universities and schools: to attract new students, the institutions rely less on virtual visits (expensive and complicated to look at) and more on simple 360-degree photos that give the atmosphere of the place.

- real estate: this is probably the least original sector, because it is a use that most people immediately think of.

- hotels: there is a real utility for customers to see their future room at 360 degrees. On the other hand, professionals are a little more reluctant, go and find out why... It is therefore a usage that is growing, but slower than the others.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and we will discover many new uses in the months and years to come!

Finally, if you want to share or integrate a 360 image for free on a website, don't forget that it has become very simple. You've come to the right place for that ;)